My TBR for Zoe’s March Readathon

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in Zoe’s readthon, as normally I either find out about a readathon after it has took place or I am to busy to take part. However – this readathon won’t be completely normal and I won’t be reading a lot, as if you have seen my weekly wrap up last week (click here to read) you will know that I have had a accident that means I have lost my ability to see to read. Therefore I have to listen to audiobooks and they are at the minimum 9 hours long. If you want to watch Zoe’s announcement video you can click HERE. This readathon will be happening Saturday 3rd March – tomorrow.


Not all these books I aim to finish but I am going to add them to my TBR anyway.

I am going to continue reading The Diviners by Libba Bray. I am really enjoying it so far, I am intrigued as to where it is going to go.

Then I have various choices of audiobooks – which I could listen to throughout the readathon however I don’t know whether I will get to any of them as I have just started listening to The Unremembered Girl by Eliza Maxwell and this is 10 and a half hours long.

However if I do finish it then I could listen to one of these:

Looking for Alaska by John Green

I have been meaning to read this for such a long time, and did actually start listening to the audiobook a long time ago – however that was when I couldn’t get into audiobooks at all and so I stopped reading it and left it for another time in the future. But that future could be this week.

Gone for Good by Harlan Coben

I love Harlan Cohen’s books, as they really grip me and keep me guessing, so I am hoping to feel the same about this book.

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I am thinking about using this for the challenge of reading ‘A book that that has been turned into a film that you have watched’ for the Popsuger 2018 reading challenge, as I am still not sure whether or not to read the Harry Potter series – as I loved the films and I don’t want to ruin the memories and magic I have of them if I don’t like the books. Please could you comment your opinions on the book series so I can see what people think of them please. I also did enjoy the film of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief – I watched it a long time ago with my mum and so can’t remember what happens in it. I just remember that it was on TV and my mum taped it, and we watched it together.

Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

This is by the author of Code Name Verity – which I need to read. I do like a historical fiction book, as long as it doesn’t contain too many facts so it turns into more of a history textbook and not a work of fiction. I have heard that Code Name Verity is better than Black Dove White Raven – but I still want to read this book.

So that is all the books – I would say plan on reading but I am not reading the physical copy so I know that won’t happen – have to choose from during this readathon.

Thank you for reading this post.

I hope you have liked reading this post, sorry it’s a bit brief . If you want to comment any other questions you have please do so in the comments, and I will answer them for you. Also if you have any comments on any of the books I have mentioned I would love to hear them – so feel free to leave that in the comments too. I won’t be doing updates on my blog – instead I will do them on my Twitter account which is HERE.


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10 thoughts on “My TBR for Zoe’s March Readathon

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  1. I read Looking for Alaska ages ago! It was a decent read and I’ve seen The Diviners around, but I’ve just not had the time to pick it up haha. xxx

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    1. Oh that’s good, it’s been in my TBR for way to long! Yes so have I – and nor have I haha! You can read it online if you want to read it but don’t want to buy it, as it’s not in the libraries only book 2 and maybe 3 are! Xxx

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  2. You HAVE to read the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books!! Harry Potter is absolutely AMAZING–the movies are good but the books are so much better!!! The movies are really true to the books so it’s not like there’ll be big changes that could make you dislike it, the only difference is that the books have so much more detail and magic and ahhh!!! And as for Percy Jackson, I absolutely loved the books and hated the movies–they’re really different but imo, the books are way better and also they just make more sense; I thought the movies had so many plot holes!

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    1. Do I, ok I think I will read the Harry Potter series? Thank you for sending this message as it has made me make my decision. Ok that’s good – that makes it sound that I will like it. Oh that’s good if they have more detail in them. I am definitely reading at least the first Percy Jackson series – as I watched the film so many years ago. I will let you know what I thought on these two books when I have read them. I probably will do a book review on blog too. Thank you so so much for sending this message, as it has helped me make my mind up about whether or not read the Harry Potter series; and I have decided I will as I loved the films so I am sure I will love the books. I really appreciate you sending this message. What other books do you recommend me to read? Xx❤️💗😄😃

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