My Four Seasons 24 Hour Readathon TBR

I am so excited to announce that I as participating in the Cosmo Readathon this week, I am also participating in the Four Seasons Readathon. The Four Seasons 24 Hour Readathon is a series of 4 readathons, that are half throughout the year; one held in each season.To find out more visit HERE!!!! There are reading challenges – however these don’t have to be completed if you don’t want to do them; they are just there to give you more of a challenge with what you read. It is happening on the the 23 March – so yes I know that this is tomorrow.

The challenges are those of the following:

  • A book set (or mostly set) in that season.
  • A book about an event that takes place during that season.
  • A book with the season in the title.
  • A book that depicts the season on the cover.
  • A book with a character named after the season.
  • A book by an author named after the season.


I am doing the challenge of picking a book with the season in the title.

For this challenge I have picked Chasing Spring by R.S. Grey.


So that’s my TBR for the Four Seasons 24 Hour Readathon. Is anyone else joining in this readathon?

Thank you for reading this post.

Sorry this post is brief, but I am going to try and finish this book in the 24 hour readathon as it is the only book I could find that is related to Spring and I have also got other things on tomorrow as well so won’t be able to read anything else.

I hope you have liked reading this post. If you want to comment any other questions you have please do so in the comments, and I will answer them for you. Also if you have any comments on any of the books I have mentioned I would love to hear them – so feel free to leave that in the comments too. I won’t be doing updates on my blog – instead I will do them on my Twitter account which is HERE.


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