F in Spelling: The Funniest Test Paper Blunders by Richard Benson Book Review

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‘We all know that the written word is full of traps for the unwary, and this goes double for those in their early years of learning it. An earnest attempt at constructing a beautiful, articulate sentence can fall to pieces within the space of a few letters, sometimes with hilarious consequences! Enjoy this collection of side-splitting spelling slip-ups ranging from the charming to the ridiculous, and the cute to the unintentionally X-rated!’

So for this book there won’t be a spoiler section, as there is nothing to spoil. However there is pictures of parts of pages of the book – so if you don’t want to see those just scroll past the pictures when you get to that point in the post.

I don’t tend to read many non-fiction books, however I stumbled across these when I was poorly so I requested them from the library to give them a try. They are super duper short books, that will take a maximum of 30 minutes to read if you are a quick reader.

I found that there were more general funny answers to exam paper questions rather than funny answers as a result of spelling alone, which is what the blurb said it was going to be about, and as a person who struggles with spelling I was looking forward to that aspect of it. However I still found it to be quite funny. There were a few that I found really funny, but they are a bit rude so I couldn’t add them in to the post. Overall, it wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be – but there was still some cockers that did make me either laugh or chuckle to myself.

Here are a few answers that I thought were from funny, that are from the book:

So that’s my thoughts and opinions on F in Spelling: The Funniest Test Paper Blunders by Richard Benson, don’t forget to like and comment this post if you have any questions. If you have read this book – please comment your thoughts and opinions in the comments telling me your thoughts on it. Thank you for reading my book review – and I will see you again in the next wonderful world I visit. Until then I would appreciate it if you went checked out my other posts and followed my blog. I hope you are having the great day!


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