Hello there…. long time no see.

So as you might be able to tell I have haven’t posted in a long time.

This has been for several reasons;

1) I found that posting reviews on books that I was reading was causing me to put pressure on myself to finish theses books quickly – meaning I was rush reading them and therefore not enjoying them as much.

2) I found that I was running out of time to post as much as I would have liked to – as I am a busy person and have a lot that I do in my life outside of blogging.

3) And last of all I felt that my blog wasn’t original or that I wasn’t posting every kind of post that I wanted to post.

Therefore I have decided that I am now going to make changes to my blog. I am going to do book reviews, maybe some tags and challenges – but I am also going to write posts about things that happen in my life that I want to share or ask advice on.

Last of all I have had 2 liver transplants and so want to raise awareness of the transplantation of organs – however I am still unsure how I am going to incorporate this into my blog; but I will find a way.

I am only going to post once a week for now – so that I can focus on quality not quantity – unless something arises that I want to talk about.


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One thought on “Hello there…. long time no see.

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  1. Ohh !!! I’m so happy for you ! I have written a few posts about organ donation aswell, my mom have received a kidney transplant in 2015. I have the green ribbon aswell as the date she got her kidney inked on my body. Everything is also a good reason to talk about it xD
    One book I reviewed from Netgalley early in my blogging as been “The heart between us”, where the MC has gotten an heart transplant and go on to fullfill the bucket list of her 17yo donor – I cried so much at everything !! But I also loved the story, you might wanna see into it – reviewing books where organ donation takes place can be a good start. (aswell as little texts of what you’ve been through to help awareness, as I did)

    Though we are “book bloggers” at our core, I strongly believe in writting whatever we want – and not solely book reviews. My blog gets 3 or 4 per month at BEST, depending how much I finished xd I also branched out to gaming, blogging, anime and bujo myself; adding little “off topics” like mental health and other stuff I wanna talk about but may not be consistent.

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